Author profile: Francisco Laguna-Correa

Francisco Laguna-Correa is a bilingual award-winning author of flash fictions, short stories, poetry, novels, academic articles, and creative nonfiction. He studied Literature at the National University of Mexico (UNAM), Philosophy and Immigration at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Hispanic Cultural Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, and Creative Writing at the University of Pittsburgh. For his work promoting Latino culture, literature, and history in the Pittsburgh area, he was honoured in 2016 as one of the recipients of The Fuerza Award, a recognition granted by the Latin American Cultural Union (LACU), the City of Pittsburgh, and the collective Café con Leche. Currently, he is a college professor at High Point University, where he teaches interdisciplinary courses exploring the themes of immigration, violence, social justice, class, gender, and ontological issues.

Review – Lupe Under the Sun

Francisco Laguna-Correa • Nov 15 2017 • Features
Director Rodrigo Reyes' film portrays a realist yet dreamlike exploration of the everyday activities of an ageing undocumented Mexican labourer in the United States.

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