Author profile: George Lawson

George Lawson is Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations at LSE. He is the author of Anatomies of Revolution (Cambridge, 2019) and Negotiated Revolutions (Routledge, 2005), co-author (with Barry Buzan) of The Global Transformation (Cambridge, 2015), and co-editor (with Julian Go) of Global Historical Sociology (Cambridge, 2017) and (with Chris Armbruster and Mick Cox) The Global 1989 (Cambridge, 2010).

Anatomies of Revolution

George Lawson • Aug 6 2019 • Articles

Revolutions have existed throughout human history, their greatest impact has been felt under modernity – the configuration of political, economic and symbolic processes.

The Eternal Divide? History and International Relations

George Lawson • May 19 2013 • Articles

Social science and history form part of a single intellectual journey, one in which both are permanently in view and in which neither serves as the coloniser of the other.

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