Author profile: Glen Segell


Glen Segell is a Fellow at the Ezri Center for Iran & Persian Gulf Studies, University of Haifa. His publications can be found on his website.

Review – Revolutionary Brothers

Glen Segell • Mar 17 2020 • Features
Tom Chaffin's book explores the friendship between Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette and the revolutionary alliance that followed.

Non-State Power: The Case of Hamas

Glen Segell • Feb 18 2019 • Articles
Non-state actors that prioritize control and censorship over openness, would be deficient in soft power projection and success. So they would fall to using sharp power.

The Legacy of the Obama Administration

Glen Segell • Oct 30 2016 • Articles
During Obama’s tenure America's global leadership has declined to its lowest ebb leaving some allies to wonder how much they can rely on the US.

The Predictable and Permanent Nature of the Islamic State

Glen Segell • Nov 12 2014 • Articles
History is providing examples of the evolution and transformation of regimes away from their radical and extremist stances to participation in the international system.

Mohamed Morsi, Egypt and Israel

Glen Segell • Dec 12 2013 • Articles
Morsi’s single year in power brought more changes in relations between Israel and Egypt than the many years of his predecessors, Presidents Mubarak, Sadat and Nasser.

Egyptian and Syrian Civil-Military Relations

Glen Segell • Jul 18 2013 • Articles
The civil-military relations in Egypt and Syria help explain their domestic strife and the expected outcome after this ends. Both countries will face problems until these relations are resolved.

U.S. Military Culture and the Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Glen Segell • Mar 6 2013 • Articles
Military culture will determine the characteristics of the withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan. In turn, the withdrawal will determine American military culture and its organization into the 21st century.

The Eight-Day War

Glen Segell • Jan 14 2013 • Articles
The one problem that prevents an end to the Israel-Palestine issue is the willingness of leaders to take the chance of compromise to get something which is better than nothing.

The Syrian Army and the Coming Winter War

Glen Segell • Oct 11 2012 • Articles
Assad and the Syrian military are bound together in their fate. Preserving Assad's power is crucial to keep the armed forces in safe employment - a lifestyle that could scarcely be an option under a new government.

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