Author profile: Grant Farr

Grant Farr is a professor emeritus at Portland State University. He has written extensively on Afghanistan and Iran. He has published two books on Iran and numerous articles on Afghanistan, including several that have appeared in e-International Relations.  His books include The Shaping of Iran Today, Modern Iran, and Afghan Resistance. He is currently working on a book on Afghan refugees.

Afghan Refugees and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Grant Farr • May 26 2020 • Articles

Afghanistan has neither the medical facilities nor the organizational structure to deal with these returning refugees and the pandemic they bring.

The Afghan Peace Agreement and Its Problems

Grant Farr • Apr 6 2020 • Articles

With a weak government in Kabul and with the United States removing its troops some fear the Taliban will wait until the US troops leave and then overrun Kabul.

The Afghan Peace Talks, China, and the Afghan Elections

Grant Farr • Dec 23 2019 • Articles

As the United States pulls back from international commitments, and Afghanistan continues to be internally unstable, China is glad to step in.

Peace in Afghanistan?

Grant Farr • Apr 20 2019 • Articles

America’s involvement in Afghanistan has to end. Yet, however well intentioned America’s withdrawal is, chaos and internal armed conflict will follow.

Problems with the Reintegration of Afghan Refugees

Grant Farr • Aug 10 2018 • Articles

Afghanistan’s returning refugees are creating new problems as many are landless and therefore crowd the major cities, especially Kabul.

What is Happening in Afghanistan?

Grant Farr • May 12 2018 • Articles

The US is losing the war and has become a part of the problem. Perhaps there are lessons to be learned from the US experience in Vietnam.

Pakistan’s Role in China’s One Belt One Road Initiative

Grant Farr • Jul 10 2017 • Articles

The project’s success hinges on China’s ability to convince Pakistanis that they are neither a new version of the Raj, nor an exploitative superpower.

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