Author profile: Gregorio Bettiza and Fabio Petito

Gregorio Bettiza is Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Exeter. He recently completed a book manuscript exploring how religion has increasingly become a subject and object of American foreign policy since the end of the Cold War. Gregorio is the author of the ‘Religion in International Relations’ (2016) entry for the Oxford Bibliographies. He has also published articles in the European Journal of International Relations, Review of International Studies, International Studies Review, and Politics among others.


Fabio Petito is Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Sussex. He is the Scientific Coordinator of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs-ISPI initiative on ‘Religions and International Relations’ and convener of the Freedom of Religion or Belief and Foreign Policy Initiative. Among his publications: Religion in International Relations (2003), Civilizational Dialogue and World Order (2009) and Towards a Postsecular International Politics (2014). Recent articles include: “Dialogue of Civilizations in a Multipolar World: Toward a Multicivilizational-Multiplex World Order”.

Why (Clash of) Civilizations Discourses Just Won’t Go Away? Understanding the Civilizational Politics of Our Times

Gregorio Bettiza and Fabio Petito • May 1 2018 • Articles
Identity politics has opened up the space for civilizations to reassert themselves as crucial discursive vectors of contemporary antagonisms.

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