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The Rise of the Developmental State in China and Its Absence in India

Haoyu Zhai • May 12 2017 • Essays
The factors of state autonomy, capacity and strategy help to explain the rise of the developmental state in China and its absence in India.

How Does Proportional Representation Influence Government Composition?

Haoyu Zhai • Oct 28 2016 • Essays
Results indicate a robust positive relationship between the use of proportional representation systems and the number of government parties.

Is the Developmental State Model Useful When Reviewing Pacific-Asia?

Haoyu Zhai • Aug 8 2016 • Essays
Although the Developmental State Model is often used to understand Pacific-Asia’s post-Korean War economic take-off, it is insufficient at explaining Japan’s development.

What is the Future of African Regionalism?

Haoyu Zhai • Mar 5 2016 • Essays
Regionalism is an oft-discussed theme in relations between African states, but ideological differences and an inability to find agreement remain challenges.

How Useful is Europeanisation in Explaining EU and Member State Relations?

Haoyu Zhai • Feb 16 2016 • Essays
Europeanisation is a useful but limited concept in explaining the relationship between the EU and its member states.

What Status Should Case Studies Be Given in the Study of Comparative Politics?

Haoyu Zhai • Jul 29 2015 • Essays
Case studies ought to be utilised more frequently and widely due to the irreplaceable value and significance they have for the comparative analysis of politics.

Does International Order Ultimately Rely on States and Military Power?

Haoyu Zhai • Apr 22 2015 • Essays
Despite the growing significance of other actors and factors, the contemporary global international order still ultimately relies on states and military power.

The Main Factors Limiting the Ability of the U.S. to Control World Politics

Haoyu Zhai • Feb 12 2015 • Essays
Increasing economic interdependence between states and the emerging multipolar world order limit the United States in world politics.

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