Author profile: Hartmut Behr

Hartmut Behr is Professor of International Politics at Newcastle University (UK). His areas of specialization are International Relations, Political Theory, Migration, and Critical European Studies. He is the author of Zuwanderungspolitik im Nationalstaat (1996), Entterritoriale Politik (2004), A History of International Theory – Ontologies of the International (2010), and Politics of Difference – Epistemologies of Peace (2014). He is the co-editor of the book series “Critical European Studies”, Routledge and “Global Political Thinkers”, Palgrave. He has published widely in journals such as the European Journal of International Relations, Review of International Studies, Geopolitics, International Political Theory, and Zeitschrift fuer International Beziehungen.

Brexit Populism: To the Brink of Democracy and an Unholy Alliance with the US

Hartmut Behr • Aug 8 2019 • Articles
With the installation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the UK, British democracy has – alongside political developments in the United States – reached a tipping point.

Reversibility: A New Concept for Policy Studies in International Relations

Hartmut Behr • Mar 28 2019 • Articles
Reversibility seeks to encourage and further the synergy of scholarly expertise, rethinking the ways we conceive of politics and the human world and how to tackle, if not solve current challenges.

Peace-in-difference: A Phenomenological Approach

Hartmut Behr • Aug 28 2018 • Articles
'Phenomenology’ helps us to conceive of difference in a non-hierarchical way, to rethink peace, and to perceive difference as a positive force.

Totalitarianism Is Back – Time to Awake!

Hartmut Behr • Feb 5 2017 • Articles
Arendt’s analysis of totalitarianism matches Trump’s politics. Being alert means not to retreat in the hopes and naivety that it won’t be as bad as it looks.

Populist Challenge and Political Judgement

Hartmut Behr • Nov 28 2016 • Articles
We live in an era of the devaluation of knowledge in which the difference between ‘truth’ and ‘lies’ does not count anymore; this makes electorates prone to populism.

Peace, Temporality, and the Vivacity of Differences

Hartmut Behr • Sep 22 2011 • Articles
Throughout the history of Western political philosophy and politics, thinking about peace has been an important and constant effort. The spectrum of questions raised encompasses enquiries such as how to accomplish peace, how to justify the breaking of peace, and how to define peace; and relates to problems such as the relation between war and peace, just war, ius in bellum and ius at bellum.

The Paradox of Globalisation: Countering Terrorism in a Deterritorialised Global Sphere

Hartmut Behr • Jul 11 2008 • Articles
This comment considers some implications of territoriality (and deterritoralisation) as they affect global politics and as they impact states’ policies towards global politics. A special emphasis will be put upon a security perspective, namely on transnational terrorism and subsequently on imperatives for counter-terrorism policies.

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