Author profile: Hubert Buch-Hansen and Angela Wigger

Hubert Buch-Hansen is Associate Professor at Copenhagen Business School. Together with Angela Wigger, he is the author of The Politics of European Competition Regulation: A Critical Political Economy Perspective (Routledge 2011). His research on competition and competition regulation has also been published in several journals, including Review of International Political Economy, New Political Economy and, most recently, JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies.


Angela Wigger is Associate Professor Global Political Economy and International Relations at the Radboud University. In addition to researching competition and competition regulation, the global economic crisis, crisis responses and power configurations with respect to political resistance constitutes a focal point. She has published in journals like Journal of Common Market Studies, New Political Economy, Review of International Political Economy and Capital and Class.

Capitalism and Competition Regulation in Europe: A Synopsis

Hubert Buch-Hansen and Angela Wigger • Jan 17 2016 • Articles

In the era of embedded liberalism European competition regulation tended to serve a neo-mercantilist purpose by allowing for certain distortions of competition.

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