Author profile: James Holmes

Are the Seas Becoming a No-Man’s Land?

James Holmes • Jun 18 2011 • Articles
The outlook for maritime Asia appears increasingly desolate. Should China rule the skies while the United States commands the depths, surface fleets on both sides -- not to mention the merchantmen that transport the raw materials and finished goods that sustain our globalized economy -- will be caught in the no-man's land between.

China’s Leisurely Aircraft-Carrier Ambitions

James Holmes • Mar 10 2011 • Articles
The enduring mismatch between the US and Chinese fleets is no guarantee of an equally lasting US naval supremacy in the Western Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Beijing is pursuing imaginative antiship missile technology. If rocketeers stationed ashore can keep the US Navy out of important waters, the Chinese Navy can accomplish its goals, even with an inferior fleet.

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