Author profile: Jan Lüdert

Jan Lüdert is an Associate Professor at City University of Seattle where he serves as Director of Curriculum and Instruction. He is a current Research Associate with the German Research Fund ‘Dynamics of Security’ project at Philipps Marburg University. Jan is an alumnus of the World Affairs Council Fellows and Liu Institute for Global Issues Scholar programs. He earned his Ph.D. at the department of Political Science at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. Jan is a committed, passionate and award-winning educator as recognized by the prestigious Killam Teaching Award as well as Blackboard’s Exemplary Course Program Award. His interests include International Relations Theory, Intergovernmental Organizations, Non-State Actors, Transnational and Cyberspace Politics, Global Norms, Human Rights, Security Studies, Teaching, Learning & Technology.

New Book – Signature Pedagogies in International Relations

Jan Lüdert • Apr 28 2021 • Articles

This edited volume builds on recent Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research to showcase a range of teaching and learning approaches in International Relations.

Let’s Talk: Transformative Leadership and International Relations

Jan Lüdert • Feb 4 2020 • Articles

By exploring transformative leaders’ practice, students gain a deeper understanding when, how, and under what conditions political or social transformation takes place.

Tracing Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations Thesis in the Alternative for Germany

Jan Lüdert • Apr 25 2018 • Articles

The question becomes not whether Islam is a threat to stability but whether radicalization within diverse cultures is at the heart of whipping up the very conflict they seek to end.

Tolerating Difference: Free Speech on Campus

Jan Lüdert • May 5 2017 • Articles

If we want students to tolerate difference, educators ought to create a space in which students are free to speak their mind and evaluate the ideas of others.

Teaching and Learning in a Post-Truth Moment

Jan Lüdert • Jan 29 2017 • Articles

Educators must build strong foundations for critical thinking that is equally attuned to affective and cognitive learning in these times of manufactured uncertainty.

Grade Less and Assess More: The Value of Ongoing Feedback

Jan Lüdert • Nov 13 2016 • Articles

Ongoing and formative assessment is especially valuable for students to observe their own progress and to identify areas for improvement.

Drawing on Universal Design Principles in Interdisciplinary Teaching

Jan Lüdert • Sep 21 2016 • Articles

Interdisciplinary co-teaching is beneficial because students require knowledge beyond politics if they want to be effective in future study and / or careers.

Implementing a Flipped Classroom: Student Generated Wikis and Videos

Jan Lüdert • Jul 18 2016 • Articles

Today’s students are learning in different ways and instructors have not been paying enough attention to these changes, especially in the area of technology.

Signature Pedagogies in International Relations

Jan Lüdert • Jun 18 2016 • Articles

We can learn a lot by exploring the signature pedagogies of the study and praxis of IR and by examining how these signature pedagogies improve teaching and learning.

Contending Dialectics: Revisiting Material and Ideational Dimensions of Sovereignty

Jan Lüdert • Aug 13 2010 • Essays

The state is understood to constitute the primary institutions holding sovereign authority. States, however, are no longer standing alone on the hill of sovereignty, which other actors have come to the climb, claiming their own sovereignty vis-à-vis the state.

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