Author profile: Janani Vivekananda, Martin Wall and Susanne Wolfmaier

Janani Vivekananda is a Senior Project Manager at adelphi where she specialises in climate change and peacebuilding. In this role, she focuses on the areas of peace and security, vulnerability, adaptation, conflict and risk analyses, conflict and resources, and urban governance. She leads adelphi’s Lake Chad Risk Assessment project.


Martin Wall is an Irish Research Council/European Commission funded Marie Curie CAROLINE Fellow under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 713279 specialising in the area of climate, peace and security. He is based in adelphi and University College Cork.


Susanne Wolfmaier is a Research Analyst at adelphi working on the topics of climate, peace and security. Her work focuses on conflict analysis within the context of climate change and fragility.

Lake Chad: A Climate of Fragility

Any future interventions in and around Lake Chad will have to be mindful of its particular climate-fragility and these trends that are likely to shape its future.

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