Author profile: Jane Kirkpatrick and Sven Schiltz

Jane Kirkpatrick has a Master’s in Middle East Politics from SOAS and is currently finishing her PhD at the University of Lincoln. Her research focuses on the influence of international actors on social movements in intervened states and considers case studies in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Jane is a co-author of Watching the Watchers: Parliament and the Intelligence Services and an Editor-at-large at E-International Relations. You can reach her via email and follow her twitter.

Sven Schiltz holds an MPhil from the University of Lincoln. In his thesis he analysed the impact of Dehli’s aspirations to become a “global city” on the city’s waste pickers and other informal waste workers. He has professional experience in research, teaching and development cooperation and currently works as a Parliamentary Attaché in the Luxembourgish Parliament.

Review – This War of Mine

Jane Kirkpatrick and Sven Schiltz • Feb 7 2016 • Features
By putting the civilians’ experience at the forefront, TWoM addresses the side of war that is often overlooked in many forms of popular culture as well as IR discourse.

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