Author profile: J. Paul Barker

J. Paul Barker is an Associate Editor of e-IR. He has a B.A. in History and M.A. degrees in Cross-Cultural Studies and in International Relations. His main focus lies in the the convergence of religion and international affairs.

Review – Democracy, Islam, And Secularism in Turkey

J. Paul Barker • Nov 14 2012 • Features

Democracy, Islam, and Secularism in Turkey illuminates some of the most compelling and significant questions driving the central debates in contemporary Turkey.

Review – Turkey and the European Union

J. Paul Barker • Sep 3 2012 • Features

Do issues of identity matter in international politics? Selcen Öner provides a comprehensive overview of how the issue of European identity has been a key aspect in the process of Turkey’s EU membership bid.

A Rentier Class: Economic Aspects of the Colonial Legacy in Senegal

J. Paul Barker • Jun 7 2012 • Essays

The legacy of French colonial rule continued to be a shaping force in the economic development of Senegal for decades following its independence. This placed restraints on the economy and made it difficult for businesses to generate growth independent of the regime.

Review – God’s Century

J. Paul Barker • Mar 5 2012 • Features

God’s Century is not the first book to make a case for the importance of religion in global affairs. Yet, Toft, Philpott, and Shah’s book is a valuable addition to the literature.

Compatible? Incompatible? A Theoretical Analysis of Islam and Democracy

J. Paul Barker • Jun 5 2011 •

The question of the compatibility of Islam and democracy has persisted for generations. The recent events of the Middle East, facilitated by these technological advances, have only heightened the talk about the role of democracy in the region.

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