Author profile: Jessica Mukai and Audrey Reeves

Jessica Mukai is an Intern with the Juneteenth Scholar Program at Virginia Tech, where she is completing a B.A. in National Security and Foreign Affairs. She recently completed an undergraduate research project on minority perspectives on the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. After graduating in the summer of 2021, she plans to pursue a career in the federal government.

Audrey Reeves is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Virginia Tech, where she researches the role of gender, race, museums, and memory in the governance of conflict and security. In 2021, the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences awarded her a Juneteenth Scholarship to research contemporary struggles against institutional racism and exposure of structural inequality at war museums and memorials in the US.

Re-Curating Painful Pasts: Decolonizing and Regendering War Memorials and Monuments

Jessica Mukai and Audrey Reeves • Sep 30 2021 • Articles

Even if they integrate decolonial thinking, memorials do not present a full picture if they focus on men’s experiences while silencing women’s stories.

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