Author profile: Joan van Heijster

Joan van Heijster is a PhD Candidate at the Political Science Department of the University of Amsterdam. In her project she researches the politics behind the GDP indicator in China and India. The aim of the research is to unpack the (political) choices behind the measurement process of GDP and the practical uses of the indicator in the Chinese and Indian governance system. She has a background in International Relations, with a specific focus on the political economy of China and the BRICS countries. More information can be found on her university profile or on the Fickle Formulas project (funded by ERC Starting Grant) of which Joan’s project is part.

Forty Years of Constructing Development: How China Adopted GDP Measurement

Joan van Heijster • Dec 21 2018 • Articles
Tracing how China adopted GDP measurement in the early reform period (1978-1993) tells us more about how GDP has shaped China's current powerful status.

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