Author profile: Jocelyn Mawdsley

Jocelyn Mawdsley  is a senior lecturer in European Politics at Newcastle University and an editor of the journal European Security.

The EU Challenge: Teaching an Institution in Crisis

Jocelyn Mawdsley • Mar 10 2016 • Articles
While ongoing crises present challenges in the classroom, they also provide opportunities to demonstrate that EU politics is important for students

Are Drones the Answer? The EU and Contemporary Security Challenges

Jocelyn Mawdsley • Jun 16 2014 • Articles
While the immediate attractions of drones are fairly obvious in the military setting, the EU needs to consider the consequences of this type of technology use.

Angie: The Most Powerful Politician in Europe?

Jocelyn Mawdsley • Sep 27 2013 • Articles
Angela Merkel’s resounding victory in the German federal elections has been portrayed in much of the European press as solidifying German power in the EU, but her election success has also brought domestic problems.

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