Author profile: John A. Rees

John A. Rees is Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations at The University of Notre Dame Australia. His research interests are related to themes of religion and international development, religion and foreign policy and the IR discourse on post-secularism. He is the curator of The Religion Gap blog on E-IR.

Megachurches and the Living Dead: Intersections of Religion & Politics in Korea

John A. Rees • Jun 18 2018 • Articles

The prospect of political change in the North coincides with the potential for religious change in the South, producing a complex and fascinating set of scenarios.

Student Feature – Religion and Politics

John A. Rees • Mar 9 2018 • Student Features

Both history and contemporary events remind us that religion can have a political impact on individuals, nations and international society.

Peter Berger – Four Benefits of His Work to the Study of Religion in IR

John A. Rees • Jul 3 2017 • Articles

Peter Berger’s work on the enduring importance of religion might save the sub-discipline of religion in IR from turning in on itself.

Why IR Religionists Should Watch Reza Aslan’s Believer

John A. Rees • Apr 24 2017 • Articles

To imagine oneself as a believer may benefit IR approaches significantly in the attempt to understand the political imagination borne from religious practice and belief.

The Prince, the Pope and a Populist Moment

John A. Rees • Feb 11 2017 • Articles

Whilst populist movements have shown to be able to exploit sacral tradition, regal and religious institutions can equally employ resources to oppose populist agendas

Religion and Culture

John A. Rees • Jan 8 2017 • Articles

There is little that concerns IR that does not involve elements of religion or culture, or both. Understanding them is necessary if you want to join some of the most important discussions about world politics today.

“Son of Lies”: History, Baghdadi and the Legacy of ISIS

John A. Rees • Jun 22 2016 • Articles

Whilst the ISIS effect will not disappear overnight, the power to doubt the divine sanction of a failing movement is significant.

Religion in the Archives of IR

John A. Rees • Apr 29 2016 • Articles

Even a cursory glance at IR and related disciplines prior to 9/11 will reveal a body of work interested in religion as a political theme of primary importance.

Citizens Not Zombies: Rethinking Assumptions about US Religious Voters

John A. Rees • Feb 25 2016 • Articles

The habit of homogenising religious political behaviour only leads to sloppy thinking disconnected from the evidence of how really existing religious citizens act

Middle Power Religion

John A. Rees • Jan 29 2016 • Articles

Whilst the study of religion adds value to our understanding of world affairs, the opposite is also true: the concepts of IR add value to our understanding of religion

Why ‘theocracy’ Is a Failed Concept in IR

John A. Rees • Dec 21 2015 • Articles

It’s time for IR scholars and policy makers to let go of the use of the term ‘theocracy’ to explain the dynamics of religion-led politics worldwide.

The Francis Paradox: Papal Diplomacy in a Multipolar World

John A. Rees • Nov 11 2015 • Articles

Vatican diplomacy of recent years reflects what could arguably be known as ‘the Francis paradox’

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