Author profile: John Cai Benjamin Weaver

Adolf Hitler’s account of the ‘Nation’ and ‘Nationalism’

John Cai Benjamin Weaver • May 16 2011 •

Hitler imagined the nation in purely ethnic terms, the German Volk with the Aryan core at the top of the genetic pool. However, nationalism is too thin an ideology to be Hitler’s only political thinking and he uses the ideas of Social Darwinism, fascism and militarisation to thicken out his personal ideology.

Issues in the association of women with peace activism

John Cai Benjamin Weaver • Apr 17 2011 • Essays

Women’s roles in working towards peace have become increasingly celebrated. The core issue with the association of women with peace activism is that it raises, and reinforces, gendered norms, through the assumptions of what it means to be a woman. In academic literature, these assumptions of Maternalism and Essentialism deny women agency.

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