Author profile: John Keane

The Hidden Media Powers That Undermine Democracy

John Keane • Sep 5 2011 • Articles
We could say that all popularly elected governments are today proactively engaged in clever, cunning struggles to kidnap their clients and citizens mentally through the manipulation of appearances, with the help of accredited journalists and other public relations curators. The age of organised political contrivance is upon us. How and why has this happened?

Greed and Democracy

John Keane • Aug 14 2011 • Articles
When making sense of the weird things currently happening in the northern hemisphere, such as the London riots, one trend should not escape our notice: a deepening crisis caused by bankers’ greed is beginning to rip the guts out of democracy. Four years into the deepest economic crisis since the Great Depression, governments of vital parts of the capitalist world are running on empty.

Bin Laden, Assassination and Democracy

John Keane • Jul 9 2011 • Articles
Bin Laden was a cutting-edge public figure of the 21st century, a world citizen of our age, a militant who happened to think, with some justification, that the USA has militarily become much too big for its boots. And that’s why, figuratively speaking, his assassination is an attempted assassination of our inner democratic spirit.

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