Author profile: John Paul Newman

John Paul Newman is Associate Professor in Twentieth-century European History at Maynooth University, Ireland. He is interested in the modern history of the Balkans and East-Central Europe, with a particular focus on Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Czechoslovakia. He has been working on a study of the Croatian General Josip Jelačić and the intersections of national and imperial identities in nineteenth-century Central Europe, and a book-length study of irregular warfare and paramilitary violence in the Balkans, provisionally titled ‘Freedom or Death: A History of Guerrilla Warfare in the Balkans’.

Review – Paramilitarism: Mass Violence in the Shadow of the State

John Paul Newman • Apr 30 2021 • Features

Üngör’s book presents a comprehensive account of the history and organisation of paramilitarism, tackling many of the difficulties faced when studying the subject.

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