Author profile: Kareem Salem

Kareem Salem is a freelance journalist. He has a Masters in International Relations from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. His research interests are focussed on European defence and security issues as well as transatlantic relations.

Opinion – Europe and China’s Growing Assertiveness

Kareem Salem • Aug 8 2020 • Articles

Amid escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing, Europe will try to find a middle road between Trump style confrontation and coddling.

Opinion – Can Joe Biden Revive Transatlantic Relations?

Kareem Salem • Jul 22 2020 • Articles

If elected, Biden will have the task of balancing the interests of European allies while countering China’s growing assertiveness in the Indo-Pacific.

Opinion – Spain’s Request For NATO Coronavirus Aid: Will Turkey Answer?

Kareem Salem • Mar 30 2020 • Articles

Ankara has very little room for manoeuvre to support the Turkish economy, let alone give aid to Spain, given that Turkey has limited financial reserves and a large budget deficit.

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