Author profile: Kathryn Marie Fisher

Kathryn Marie Fisher is Assistant Professor of International Security Studies at National Defense University’s College of International Security Affairs, USA. She has previously taught at Ohio University, USA. Her publications include work in Critical Studies on Terrorism, Critical Perspectives on Counter-Terrorism and the recent book Security, Identity, and British Counterterrorism Policy.

Disrupting the ‘Conditional Selfhood’ of Threat Construction

Kathryn Marie Fisher • Aug 15 2016 • Articles

It is essential to interrogate how representations of the homegrown threat in security practice may instead be influencing insecurity.

Relationalism: Reflecting on One “How” of Navigating Substance and Process in IR

Kathryn Marie Fisher • May 25 2013 • Articles

Relationalism is both a general multidisciplinary perspective and an emerging signpost for something new; a way to grapple with tensions along the processual-substantive spectrum of social relations.

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