Author profile: Kendrick Kuo

Kendrick Kuo is pursuing graduate studies in International Affairs at Johns Hopkins University and received his BA in International Affairs and Religion from the George Washington University. Kendrick is a contributor at and blogs at The Asian Crescent.

Review – The Formation of the Chinese Communist Party

Kendrick Kuo • Apr 22 2014 • Features
Ishikawa's deep archival research casts doubt on the official history of the formation of the Chinese Communist Party, but is often overwhelmingly dense.

Review – The New Continentalism

Kendrick Kuo • Mar 6 2014 • Features
Calder offers a fresh take on Eurasian integration, widening the scope of inquiry into the realms of comparative politics and international political economy.

Review – Staging the World

Kendrick Kuo • Dec 9 2013 • Features
Karl's perspective is fresh, but is too often stifled by theoretically-laden phrases that will not be familiar to a popular audience and only begin to make sense in context over several pages.

Review – Popular Protest in China

Kendrick Kuo • Nov 11 2013 • Features
Those who make the arduous trek through this at times dense book will be well-rewarded with a perspective that is careful not to paint with broad brushstrokes when discussing protests in China.

Review – China’s Search for Security

Kendrick Kuo • Oct 10 2013 • Features
Comprehensive, persuasive, and empathetic, Nathan and Scobell offer a fresh look at what could easily be a stale litany of threats to China’s rise and a thorough treatment of China's security policies.

Review – Great Games, Local Rules

Kendrick Kuo • Aug 28 2013 • Features
Cooley offers a broad perspective of competing and complementary interests that intersect in Central Asia, while simultaneously providing depth of analysis on the ground.

Review – Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China

Kendrick Kuo • Jul 24 2013 • Features
Vogel's book is more political history than biography. While the definitive work on Deng is still to come, it does present a formidable foray into the details of China's party politics.

Nixon’s Opening to China: The Misleading Apotheosis of Triangular Diplomacy

Kendrick Kuo • Jun 28 2013 • Essays
Nixon's visionary pursuit of a China that was a responsible member of the world community bore undeniable fruit in 1972 and would continue to benefit the United States until this very day.

Review – The Politics of Nation-Building

Kendrick Kuo • Jun 8 2013 • Features
Harris Mylonas' novel approach to nation-building not only pioneers a new theory in the well-trodden ethnopolitics field, but also integrates international relations with comparative politics.

Review – After Empire

Kendrick Kuo • May 21 2013 • Features
Ambitious in scope, Peter Zarrow’s After Empire is a descriptive and analytical history of the intellectual currents that swept away China's edifice of kingship and erected a new polity.

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