Author profile: Kenneth C Upsall

How Sub-Saharan Africa Can Become a Stable Economic Region

Kenneth C Upsall • Dec 23 2013 • Essays

Colonial systems must be outgrown in favor of global ones, and governments must work for the betterment of the state and its citizens, not for power and wealth which has permeated the region since independence.

Review – Democracy in Retreat

Kenneth C Upsall • Nov 6 2013 • Features

Kulantzich carries the debate about foreign policy, intervention and self-determination to a new level by pressing readers think about how democracy is successfully advanced.

Review – After the Sheikhs

Kenneth C Upsall • Sep 18 2013 • Features

Davidson’s analysis falls short of the book subtitle’s stated purpose, as he fails to present any kind of hypothesis or scenario for the collapse of Persian Gulf Monarchies.

Creating Balance in Reconstruction States

Kenneth C Upsall • Aug 1 2013 • Essays

A successful transition from post-conflict society to developing state requires balancing punitive justice with the need for the conflicting parties to reconcile their differences.

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