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The Influence of Right Wing Politics in Britain During the 2009 European Elections

Kriti Bami • May 15 2012 • Essays
Parties that identify with being on the right of centre, who follow a Eurosceptic ideology and call for the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union show significant growth in electoral support in recent years.

Does it Matter if Autocracies Can Generate Audience Costs?

Kriti Bami • Apr 4 2012 • Essays
'Audience costs' can provide democracies with more credibility when making threats on the international stage. The situation is different, however, for autocracies and does not always matter as a means of signalling credibility.

Critically assess the decision to go to war against Iraq in 2003

Kriti Bami • Aug 3 2011 • Essays
The decision for the United States and Britain to go to war with Iraq in 2003 was, and remains, one of the most controversial foreign policy acts that any British government has undertaken. This essay proceeds to compare and contrast the various aspects of the Just War Theory with the causes and outcomes of the war against Iraq in order to determine whether the war conforms to the theory.

Gender Equality in Australia

Kriti Bami • Jul 28 2011 • Essays
Historically, Australia’s social structure contributed to significant differences in opportunity and outcome between the genders, resulting in prejudice and discrimination against more women than men over time. Whilst there are far fewer examples of overt gender-based discrimination in Australia, the progress towards true substantive gender equality has clearly stalled.

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