Author profile: Kubilay Yado Arin

Kubilay Yado Arin is a researcher at at Duke University. He was a visiting scholar at the Middle East Technical University. Thereafter he went on to Portland State University’s Center for Turkish Studies from September 2014 to June 2015. In January and February 2015 he was at UC Berkeley. His research focuses on think tanks in the US and Turkey, EU-Turkey Politics, US-Turkish relations, US and European foreign policy towards the Middle East, the democratization in Turkey and the Kurdish question.

Kurds, Democracy and a New Coalition Government

Kubilay Yado Arin • Aug 11 2015 • Articles

The Turkish election results validate the path towards a political solution to the Kurdish question and point towards further Kurdish unity in the region.

The New Turkey: A Rival to the West in the Near East?

Kubilay Yado Arin • Jun 5 2014 • Articles

Recent moves by Turkey’s ruling party, the AKP, have led experts to question whether the new Turkish foreign policy leads to a challenge to US interests in the Near East.

The Impact of Neoconservative Think Tanks on American Foreign Policy

Kubilay Yado Arin • May 26 2014 • Articles

Neoconservatives think tanks do not simply give neutral recommendations; they are policy entrepreneurs who have made a significant impact on American foreign policy.

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