Author profile: Kyle Grayson

Kyle Grayson is a Senior Lecturer in International Politics at Newcastle University. His most recent book is Cultural Politics of Targeted Killing: On Drones, Counter-Insurgency, and Violence published in the Interventions Series by Routledge. Twitter: @chasing_dragons

What Can We Learn About Resilience from ‘Breaking Bad’?

Kyle Grayson • Jan 13 2017 • Articles
'Breaking Bad' potentially disrupts how we conceptualize resilience by opening up thinking space to consider who has the right (or opportunity) to be resilient.

The Challenges of Teaching Popular Culture and World Politics

Kyle Grayson • Jun 20 2015 • Articles
A common mistake when teaching popular culture and world politics is to overestimate the skill set that students will bring with them into the course.

The Rise of Popular Culture in IR: Three Issues

Kyle Grayson • Jan 30 2015 • Articles
As the study of popular culture gains momentum, it is important that the sub-field not reproduce the broader analytic and political shortcomings of the discipline of IR.

Drones and Video Games

Kyle Grayson • Feb 25 2014 • Articles
The idea that piloting drones is as mindless as video games is popular. But it misses its target by misunderstanding video games and what enables killing from a distance.

Metaphorically Speaking, ‘Where is the Politics?’: China, Japan, and the Voldemort Controversy

Kyle Grayson • Jan 13 2014 • Articles
As analysts of world politics, what should we make of the deployment of Voldemort by China and Japan in their ongoing diplomatic dispute?

What Does the Zombie Apocalypse Reveal About Canada-US Relations?

Kyle Grayson • Mar 7 2013 • Articles
Pat Martin’s jokes about emergency measures to combat a potential ‘zombie invasion’ are rich with subtext, challenging the conservative Americanisation of Canadian political culture.

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