Author profile: Linda Åhäll

Linda Åhäll is a Lecturer in International Relations at Keele University, UK, and also currently Postdoctoral Researcher in the Militarization 2.0 project at Malmö University, Sweden. Her research explores the crossroads of gender politics and security studies, often through popular culture, and contributes to feminist security studies as well as studies of visual global politics and the politics of emotions. She has published in journals such as Security Dialogue, the International Feminist Journal of Politics and Critical Studies on Security; is the co-editor of Gender, Agency and Political Violence (2012) and Emotions, Politics and War (2015); and is very happy that her monograph Sexing War/Policing Gender: Motherhood, Myth and Women’s Political Violence is published as part of Routledge’s book series, Popular Culture and World Politics, in March 2015.

The Hidden Politics of Militarization and Pop Culture as Political Communication

Linda Åhäll • May 16 2015 • Articles
Unless we pay attention to what is happening beyond the most visibly militarised context we will miss an important dimension to the logics of militarisation.

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