Author profile: Lisa Caviglia

Lisa Caviglia (BSc Medical Biochemistry; MSc International Health; PhD Anthropology) researches gender and sexuality, and transnational migration between Asia and Europe. These topics have been addressed in recent media and scholarly publications, including “Sex Work in Nepal: the Making and Unmaking of Category” (Routledge, 2018) and “Outsourcing Love” (Economic and Political Weekly, 2017). She is currently focusing on “Traditions of Yoga and Meditation” at the School of Oriental and African Studies (London, UK).

Doing Sex Right in Nepal: Activist Language and Sexed/Gendered Expectations

Lisa Caviglia • Aug 23 2019 • Articles

Gender-variant understandings of self are not always reducible to culturally explicit and socially evident claims to identities, or fixed across entire lifespans

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