Author profile: Lucie Parker

The Importance of Neoconservatism Since 9/11 Has Been Much Overstated

Lucie Parker • Sep 9 2015 • Essays

9/11 didn’t change the world’s threats; it changed the perceptions of these threats, sparking a re-evaluation of U.S. national security policy.

How has the US Intelligence Community Performed against Al-Qaeda since 1988?

Lucie Parker • Jun 1 2015 • Essays

Owing to its own misconceptions and those of successive executives, the US intelligence community has failed to perform to the extent of its abilities against al-Qaeda.

Explaining the Case for Invading Iraq from a Neo-conservative Perspective

Lucie Parker • Jun 29 2014 • Essays

The Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq was a story of neo-conservative ideas (militarism, morality, and democracy) about the role of America in the world.

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