Author profile: Lukas H. Meyer and Marcelo de Araujo

Lukas Meyer, is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Graz, Austria. He received his Doctorate from Oxford University and completed his Habilitation at the University of Bremen, was Faculty Fellow in Ethics at Harvard University 2000-01, Humboldt Research Fellow at Columbia University 2001-02 and Ass. Professor of Philosophy at the University of Berne 2005-09. Since 2014 Meyer has been the speaker of the interdisciplinary Doctoral Program Climate Change (funded by the Austrian Science FundI, and since 2019 speaker of the inter-faculty Field of Excellence Climate Change Graz. Meyer served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities 2013-17. As one of the first philosophers, he was a lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). His book publications include “Climate Change and Historical Emissions“, co-edited, Cambridge UP 2017; “Intergenerational Justice“, co-edited Oxford UP, 2012; “Legitimacy, Justice and Public International Law“, edited, Cambridge UP, 2009. Meyer is a founding editor of the journal “Moral Philosophy and Politics” (de Gruyter).


Marcelo de Araujo is Professor of Ethics at the State University of Rio de Janeiro and Professor of Philosophy of Law at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He received his Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Konstanz, Germany, in 2002. He was a Humboldt Research Fellow at the University of Konstanz (2007-2008, 2014, 2018) and visiting scholar at the Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, Oxford (2013). He was a Visiting Professor at the Master EELP (Ethics – Economics, Law and Politics) at the University of Bochum, Germany (2019-2020). His current research focuses on the ethical and legal implications of the quest for human enhancement. He is also a member of the SIENNA Project (Stakeholder-Informed Ethics for New technologies with high socio-ecoNomic and human rights impAct), funded by the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 741716). His publications include “Cyberwar, political realism, and world state”. In: From Social to Cyber Justice: Critical Views on Justice, Law and Ethics. Oliveira, Nythamar; Hrubec, Marek; Sobottka, Emil (eds.). Prague and Porto Alegre: Filosofia (Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) and PUC-RS, pp. 387-398 (2018). “Editing the genome of human beings: CRISPR-Cas9 and the ethics of genetic enhancement”. Journal of Evolution and Technology. vol. 27, n. 1, p. 24-42 (2017). Scepticism, Freedom, and Autonomy: A Study of the Moral Foundations of Descartes’ Theory of Knowledge. Berlin/New York: De Gruyter (2003).

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Climate Change: Why Have Responses Been So Different?

Lukas H. Meyer and Marcelo de Araujo • Apr 20 2020 • Articles

As the COVID-19 crisis recedes some states will be eager to rebuild their economies, even if it means dismissing previously agreed international climate change goals.

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