Author profile: Manuela Lavinas Picq and Caroline Cottet

Caroline Cottet is a co-founder and field coordinator of the Refugee Women’s Centre, a charity that operates in refugee camps in Northern France. She is also editor-at-large for E-International Relations. Her activism and research focus on gender, migration, and militarism.


Manuela Lavinas Picq is Professor of International Relations at Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) and Loewenstein Fellow at Amherst College. She contributes to international media outlets and has held research positions at Freie Universität (2015), the Institute for Advanced Study (2013), and the Woodrow Wilson Centre (2005). Her latest book is Vernacular Sovereignties: Indigenous Women Challenging World Politics (University of Arizona Press 2018).

Sex, Tongue, and International Relations

Manuela Lavinas Picq and Caroline Cottet • Jun 11 2019 • Articles

We must tackle the problem of sexual liberation to show how global narratives assert the existence of diverse sexualities but also impose external arrangements.

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