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Does Britain’s Future Lie with North America, rather than Europe?

Mareike Oldemeinen • Oct 19 2012 • Essays

Current events like the European debt crisis seem to only emphasise the need for Britain to look to North America in order to join NAFTA and escape European bureaucracy.

How Dominant is the President in Foreign Policy Decision Making?

Mareike Oldemeinen • Sep 11 2012 • Essays

While there are many organizations in the U.S. government that can influence foreign policy, when focusing on foreign policy decision making, the president is, for the most part, the dominant actor.

Is Clausewitzian Thought Really Timeless as Some Have Claimed?

Mareike Oldemeinen • Jan 24 2012 • Essays

One should not attempt to apply Clausewitz’s individual theses word for word to a modern-day context, but if we succeed in finding fresh angles from which to approach the text, we can still appreciate the applicability of his methods.

Non-Intervention, or Responsibility to Protect?

Mareike Oldemeinen • Jan 14 2012 • Essays

In recent decades, the realities of globalization and growing interdependency make it impossible to turn our backs on large-scale Human Rights violations and Crimes against Humanity committed in foreign countries.

John Locke and the Possibility of a ‘Global Commonwealth’

Mareike Oldemeinen • Dec 2 2011 • Essays

In a time of globalisation and complex interdependence, drawing upon on the ideas of past influential thinkers and adapting these concepts to current circumstances is beneficial to aid a better understanding of our contemporary world.

How has globalisation changed the international system?

Mareike Oldemeinen • Jul 27 2011 • Essays

Globalisation has become a major topic in the study of International Relations. Almost all aspects of the modern day society have been influenced by it in some way. Problems do not arise isolated any more and thus the solutions for these now have to be found in collective action rather than individual responses.

Does Regionalism challenge Globalisation, or build on it?

Mareike Oldemeinen • May 13 2010 • Essays

In a world where the concepts of Globalisation and Regionalism both seem to gain more and more power, it was only a matter of time until the relationship between those two seemingly contradictory processes would become the issue of discussion. What Andrew Hurrell has called the “one world/many worlds relationship” has now become the subject of great academic interest and debate.

Is International Law Colonial?

Mareike Oldemeinen • Apr 23 2010 • Essays

Several scholars have emphasised the apparent ‘Eurocentricity’ of modern international law and have hence argued that its development has been “a European story”. Is the realm of international law like a play that is being performed, in which the Western or European states are the actors on stage and their colonies, the Third World states, are only the spectators who are affected by what is happening on stage but do not have any real possibility of participating?

The Political Realism of Thucydides and Thomas Hobbes

Mareike Oldemeinen • Feb 15 2010 • Essays

The Realist school of thought in International Relations has claimed both Thucydides and Hobbes as two of their intellectual forefathers and in doing so has suggested that the core beliefs and views of these two political thinkers can be classified as Realism. Although the key realist ideas can be found in both authors, there are significant differences that need to be addressed.

One Person’s Terrorist… Another Person’s Freedom Fighter?

Mareike Oldemeinen • Jan 13 2010 • Essays

This work will point out that although maybe not wholly applicable, the truism that ‘one person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter’ is useful in some respect, as it draws attention to important issues that have to be considered when attempting to define the concept of terrorism.

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