Author profile: Marius Zeevaert

The (Un)intended Effects of the United Nations on the Libyan Civil War Oil Economy

Marius Zeevaert • Jul 18 2020 • Essays

The United Nations crude oil commodity sanctions on all non-governmental actors had manifold consequences on the Libyan civil war oil economy.

When Economic Needs Trump Popular Will: The Case of the German Agenda 2010

Marius Zeevaert • Jun 1 2020 • Essays

Germany’s Agenda 2010 adversely affected citizen trust in democracy by favoring market competitiveness over democratic deliberation.

Two Nationalists and Their Differences – an Analysis of Trump and Bolsonaro

Marius Zeevaert • Feb 5 2020 • Essays

Neoclassical realism highlights the differences between the two leaders’ populist policies, namely Bolsonaro’s more open stance toward the global economy.

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