Author profile: Mark Galeotti

Mark Galeotti is Professor of Global Affairs at New York University’s Center for Global Affairs. A specialist in modern Russian crime, intelligence, and security affairs, he was educated at Cambridge and the London School of Economics, has served as a special advisor to the British Foreign Office, and consults widely with commercial and government bodies around the world. He has 14 books to his name, the most recent being Russia’s Wars in Chechnya, 1994-2008 (Osprey, 2014), and is completing a history of Russian organised crime.

‘Hybrid War’ and ‘Little Green Men’: How It Works, and How It Doesn’t

Mark Galeotti • Apr 16 2015 • Articles

While Russia won the military war to create Novorossiya and intelligence war to support combat operations, it has not achieved its aims and is losing the political war.

Putin And The Challenge Of The ‘Vanguard Of The Bourgeoisie’

Mark Galeotti • Jan 29 2012 • Articles

Barring some extraordinary developments between now and 4 March, Putin will win the upcoming presidential elections in Russia. So if winning is not the real challenge facing Putin, what is?

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