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Mark N. Katz is a professor in the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University.  Links to his publications can be found at

Understanding Syria’s Many Conflicts

Mark N. Katz • Aug 31 2016 • Articles

The Syrian war is not just one conflict, but several conflicts which interact with one another. Syria has become a quagmire in which nobody can win but all can lose.

Russia, Iran and Israel: A Troubled Triangle

Mark N. Katz • May 18 2016 • Articles

Moscow’s efforts to retain good relations with both Israel and Iran will continue to cause each to be wary of becoming too reliant on a Russia that it deems unreliable.

Putin’s Syrian Quagmire: Costs as well as Benefits for the US

Mark N. Katz • Dec 2 2015 • Articles

Just because Moscow insists on making mistakes in Syria, Washington does not have to do so too.

Pledging Allegiance to ISIS:  Who Benefits Most?

Mark N. Katz • Dec 17 2014 • Articles

Rivalries among jihadist movements will not bring about their downfall, but they will prevent the unified, worldwide jihadist movement that ISIS has sought to build.

Obama and the Syrian Civil War

Mark N. Katz • Mar 29 2013 • Articles

Increased US involvement may not bring about a quick, clean end to Syrian conflict. But, the limited involvement that Obama has recently been indicating will certainly not do so.

Russia, America, and Syria

Mark N. Katz • Oct 17 2012 • Articles

Moscow and Washington strongly disagree over many issues. Their differences over Syria, however, do not amount to a Cold War-style proxy war between them. Regional actors are more at odds in Syria than the U.S. and Russia.

Intervention vs Non-Intervention in Syria: Assessing Costs and Benefits for the West

Mark N. Katz • Sep 4 2012 • Articles

In the case of Syria, Western policymakers need to focus on, not whether to choose between intervention and non-intervention, but what sort of intervention will minimize costs and maximize benefits.

Syria: Prospects for Transition from Minority to Majority Rule

Mark N. Katz • Jun 16 2012 • Articles

Absent the circumstances that facilitated the transition to majority rule in Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Iraq, the prospects in Syria appear to be extremely poor.

Leaving Without Losing: The War on Terror After Iraq and Afghanistan

Mark N. Katz • Apr 30 2012 • Articles

Just as intervening in Afghanistan and Iraq did not lead the United States to victory, neither will withdrawing from these countries. Although the U.S. is likely to endure negative consequences from its disengagement, withdrawal need not mean defeat.

Yemen: Saleh Has Gone, but His Regime Remains

Mark N. Katz • Feb 2 2012 • Articles

Ali Abdallah Saleh — who first came to power in North Yemen in 1978 and who has ruled over united Yemen since 1990 — has finally left office and left the country. Appearances, though, may be deceiving.

India, China, and Asia’s Growing Presence in the Middle East

Mark N. Katz • Apr 4 2011 • Articles

The East Moves West confirms Geoffrey Kemp’s reputation as a scholar who combines a broad geopolitical vision with an extraordinarily detailed knowledge of the many bilateral relationships between so many Middle Eastern countries, on the one hand, and so many Asian powers, on the other. It will be of great value to policy makers, journalists, scholars and students.

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