Author profile: Martin J. Bayly

Review – The Wars of Afghanistan

Martin J. Bayly • May 28 2012 • Features
Peter Tomsen has provided a comprehensive account of Afghanistan’s recent conflicts and illuminates aspects of this history in ways that only he could really achieve.

Review – The Afghan Way of War

Martin J. Bayly • Mar 1 2012 • Features
In the current intervention in Afghanistan, the policy debate has often been shrouded in the sterile language of state-building and counter-insurgency.

Review – The Good War: NATO and the Liberal Conscience in Afghanistan

Martin J. Bayly • Jul 18 2011 • Features
One of the challenges facing anyone who wishes to write on the war in Afghanistan is to squeeze this fiendishly difficult topic into an appropriate framework. It is not easy to find an approach that avoids oversimplifying the issues, or bamboozling the reader into boredom, confusion, deep cynicism, or a combination of all three.

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