Author profile: Michael Asiedu

Michael Asiedu is a Researcher with the Global Political Trends Center. He contributes to the Center’s research activities which largely focus on the Middle East and North Africa.

The Single African Passport – Curb the Enthusiasm, Challenges Abound

Michael Asiedu • May 17 2017 • Articles
The concept of continental integration under the African Union with a single African passport comes with some merits and some challenges.

The EU-Libya Migrant Deal: A Deal of Convenience

Michael Asiedu • Apr 11 2017 • Articles
The recently concluded EU-Libya deal is convenient for the EU but a disservice to migrants and refugees in Libya.

The Libya Political Agreement: Time for Reconsideration

Michael Asiedu • Feb 24 2017 • Articles
The agreement has been bedevilled with significant deficiencies from its onset. Its renegotiation is central to the ongoing peace process in Libya.

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