Author profile: Michael J. Bustamante

Michael J. Bustamante will join the faculty of Florida International University (Miami, FL) as Assistant Professor of Latin American History in the fall of 2016. His writings on Cuban history and current affairs have appeared in Journal of American Ethnic History, Latino Studies, Foreign Affairs, and NACLA Report on the Americas, among other publications.

Review – A Hidden History of the Cuban Revolution

Michael J. Bustamante • Jun 25 2016 • Features

Drawing on exceptionally rare collections, Cushion’s revealing study is the first to place working people at the center of a political project forged in their name.

Cuba and the United States: Beyond the Hype, a Long Road

Michael J. Bustamante • May 7 2015 • Articles

Perhaps it is only a matter of time before the levee breaks and U.S. capital floods into Cuba. If so, marginalized portions of the population understandably worry about falling further behind.

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