Author profile: Monika Kabata

Monika Kabata is a PhD Candidate and Associate Lecturer at Department of Politics and International Relations of Nottingham Trent University. Her doctoral research investigates the merging of the counter-terrorism, migration and border control policies in the European Union. Her research interests touch on both Security Studies and European Studies, and include securitisation theory, Critical Discourse Analysis and the EU internal and external security policies – especially in the context of migration and counter-terrorism – as well as Poland.

Opinion – A State of Emergency at the Polish-Belarusian Border

Monika Kabata • Oct 12 2021 • Articles

Neither the EU nor Poland has a long-term plan for how to manage migration which can only be expected to increase due to political destabilisation and climate crisis.

Opinion – A New Pact on Migration and Asylum in Europe

Monika Kabata • Oct 9 2020 • Articles

As the European Union deliberates, migration to Europe won’t stop. The member states, sooner or later, will have to agree on the direction of migration policy.

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