Author profile: Monish Tourangbam

Monish Tourangbam is Assistant Professor at the Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University (Karnataka).

Hurricane Sanders in the Democratic Camp

Monish Tourangbam • Feb 16 2016 • Articles
The longer the race, the sharper the divide within the Democratic party. This should concern Hillary if she were to face a Republican candidate in November.

G20 and the Culture of Protests

Monish Tourangbam • Dec 26 2014 • Articles
The culture of protests has become a common sight in all G20 summits, so much so that preventing violent activism has become an inevitable part of the security planning.

Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Visit to the US: The Takeaways

Monish Tourangbam • Oct 30 2014 • Articles
The change of guard in India and its emphasis on economic revitalization has lent new life to a relationship that was criticized for a lack of bold initiatives.

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