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Naeem Inayatullah is professor of politics at Ithaca College.  His work locates the Third World in the global political economy.  With David Blaney, he is the co-author of Savage Economics (2010) and International Relations and the Problem of Difference (2004).  He is editor of Autobiographical International Relations (2011), and co-editor of Narrative Global Politics (2016) Interrogating Imperialism (2006) and The Global Economy as Political Space (1994).  He serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Narrative Politics. He is working on two manuscripts: At the Cost of All Else: The Pedagogy of Emergence, and (with David Blaney), Within, Against, and Beyond Liberalism: A Critique of Liberal IPE and Global Capitalism.

Opinion – Internal Simultaneity: A Science of Autobiography

Naeem Inayatullah • May 4 2020 • Articles

Autobiography should be regarded as way of coming to know the world. We can explore our lives with the same care and wonder we bring to the study of the world at large.

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