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Nathan Down is a lecturer and researcher in the fields of Politics, History and Communications at Charles Sturt University’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences. He graduated from Macquarie University with a Master of International Relations.

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Indonesian Nationalism and Postcolonial Colonialism: Enduring Legacies for Papua

Postcolonial colonialism has been perpetrated by the Indonesian State, its ruling apparatus and other domestic and foreign stakeholders in the disputed province of Papua.

World Bank

Globalization: A Created Mechanism for the Restructuring of Developing States

Globalization tends to work to the detriment of developing states and has been a powerful tool employed by Northern states with a recent proliferation of modern players.

Neo-Orientalism: Indonesia’s Colonialism and Papua

Neo-Orientalism: Indonesia’s Colonialism and Papua

Lessons learnt from Dutch colonialism have resulted in Indonesia’s mimicking and replicating its own code of imperialism, resulting in Papua’s accession into Indonesia.

Pax Americana: the United States as Global Hegemon or Imperialist in Disguise?

Pax Americana: the United States as Global Hegemon or Imperialist in Disguise?

A downward trend in prestige and economic power, along with geopolitical challenges, seems to be forcing the US to realign its foreign policy interests and direction.

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