Author profile: Neil Renic

Is Failed State a Useless Term?

Neil Renic • Dec 7 2012 • Essays
The label 'failed state' is now commonly employed to describe a host of troubled states, seemingly unable to achieve the material requirements crucial to state legitimacy.

Why Turkish Accession Depends on Mediation of the Cyprus Dispute

Neil Renic • Sep 9 2012 • Essays
The EU can effectively mediate the Cyprus conflict to a peaceful resolution through a process of Graduated Reciprocation in Tension Reduction (GRIT).

‘Rising China’: A Threat to International Security?

Neil Renic • Apr 13 2012 • Essays
While uncertainties regarding the future of China are legion, the peaceful integration into the international order of a strengthening and influential China is entirely possible.

African PCCs and Economics

Neil Renic • Mar 28 2012 • Essays
Economic factors are central to the genesis, progression and resolution of African PCCs. Foreign states and aid agencies must respond with techniques that economically disincentivise combatants.

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