Author profile: Nico Edwards

Nico Edwards earned a BA (Hons) International Relations and Social Anthropology and an MSc in International Politics at SOAS, University of London.

For the People or for Power? Wielding the ICC Gavel in a World of Power Politics

Nico Edwards • Jan 15 2021 • Articles

The ICC remains guilty of a ‘complacency of complementarity’, wherein the Court heralds the dispensing of distanced justice over respecting existing national processes.

Women, Peace and… Continued Militarism? Revisiting UNSCR 1325 and Its African Roots

Nico Edwards • Jan 12 2021 • Essays

Women play a valuable role in peacekeeping in African contexts. However, their participation in stereotypically gendered peace processes and structures is not enough.

The Performativity of Sovereignty: Challenging Essentialism within IR Theory

Nico Edwards • Dec 19 2020 • Articles

Paradoxically, Waltz, Jackson and their predecessors have perpetuated the structuration of the international order as one of hierarchy rather than anarchy.

The Meaning of US Drone Warfare in the War on Terror

Nico Edwards • Nov 28 2020 • Essays

Disposability can be understood as structures that manage life and the distribution of death in the interests of actors in global economic and political networks.

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