Author profile: Nicolás Carrillo

Nicolás Carrillo-Santarelli holds a PhD in International Law and International Relations from the Autónoma de Madrid University (Spain); an LLM in the Protection of Human Rights from Alcalá University; Certificates on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law from American University (Washington, DC); and a Law Degree from the Externado de Colombia University. He is currently Professor of International Law and Comparative Law in the Sabana University, Colombia; and has conducted research and published in areas related to general international law; human rights law; theory of international law; non-state actors; business and human rights; domestic use of international law; among others.

The Role of Emotions in the Processes of Interaction with International Law

Nicolás Carrillo • Jan 2 2018 • Articles

As individuals are emotional beings, it is not surprising that emotions can play a role in conduct that shapes, or is addressed by, international law.

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