Author profile: Oren M. Levin-Waldman

Oren M. Levin-Waldman is professor of public policy at Metropolitan College of New York and a Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute for Sustainable Prosperity. He is also a part-time faculty member in the Milano School for International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy at The New School. His recent books include The Minimum Wage: A Reference Handbook (ABC-CLIO 2016);  Wage Policy, Income Distribution, and Democratic Theory (Routledge 2011);  The Political Economy of the Living Wage: A Study of Four Cities (M.E. Sharpe 2005); The Case of the Minimum Wage: Competing Policy Models (State University of New York Press 2001); Reconceiving Liberalism: Dilemmas of Contemporary Liberal Public Policy (University of Pittsburgh Press 1996); and Plant Closure, Regulation, and Liberalism: The Limits to Liberal Public Philosophy (University Press of America 1992).

How Inequality Undermines Democracy

Oren M. Levin-Waldman • Dec 10 2016 • Articles

To the extent that inequality effectively speaks to a shrinking middle class it represents a threat to democracy.

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