Author profile: Patricia J. Sohn

Patricia J. Sohn is associate professor of political science and Jewish studies at the University of Florida. She is a scholar of comparative politics with an expertise in micro-level and historical institutional analysis, particularly as they relate to the politics of the Middle East, comparative judicial politics, and the intersection of law, religion, and gender politics. She is author of the book, Judicial Power and National Politics: Courts and Gender in the Religious-Secular Conflict in Israel (Second Edition).

10th Anniversary Post – Why Faculty Use Blogs

Patricia J. Sohn • Dec 17 2017 • Articles

The fast publishing of the blogosphere is a wonderful venue for self-expression when you have something to say, so – make use of it! 

Why Jerusalem Is the Capital of Israel – And Palestine

Patricia J. Sohn • Dec 8 2017 • Articles

Rather than seeing the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel, lobbyists for Palestinians should ask recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

The Nazi Movement Today: Our Cousins, Ourselves

Patricia J. Sohn • Oct 26 2017 • Articles

It is about time that the white supremacists among us learn that they do not own the Right. Nor do they represent it.

Going Grassroots: Visiting the Foreign Locales of Arkansas and Southwest Texas

Patricia J. Sohn • Oct 19 2017 • Articles

Travelling through the Southwest of the USA reveals that there is much to learn about a local culture not yet homogenized by the great thrust of globalization.

What Do Karl Marx, Napoleon, and the Majlis Have in Common?

Patricia J. Sohn • Sep 29 2017 • Articles

Terms such as Political Science or Comparative Politics may carry many different significations at once. 

Is Trump the New Multicultural Internationalist?

Patricia J. Sohn • Jul 21 2017 • Articles

It is time for the Democrats to look at themselves in the mirror. Vanity, thy name is corruption. 

What Do We Mean by ‘Local People’? The Palestinian Case.

Patricia J. Sohn • Jun 23 2017 • Articles

In the West Bank and Gaza, municipal leaders do truly thankless and heroic tasks every day.  Let them represent their people.

Will Trump Be to Palestinian-Israeli Peace What Nixon Was to the U.S and China?

Patricia J. Sohn • Jun 8 2017 • Articles

Peace processes should be about local populations. In the Palestinian case it must be about local Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line and their quality of life.

Which T.V. Show or Movie Does This World Most Resemble?

Patricia J. Sohn • May 19 2017 • Articles

Some elements of the story lines of known television shows and movies resonate well with the current global political climate.

What I Learned Fending off Wild Camels in Pamukkale (A Travelogue)

Patricia J. Sohn • May 11 2017 • Articles

Fieldwork teaches you to appreciate the similarities of individuals and communities across the globe.

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