Author profile: Patricia J. Sohn

Patricia J. Sohn is associate professor of political science and Jewish studies at the University of Florida. She is a scholar of comparative politics with an expertise in micro-level and historical institutional analysis, particularly as they relate to the politics of the Middle East, comparative judicial politics, and the intersection of law, religion, and gender politics. She is author of the book, Judicial Power and National Politics: Courts and Gender in the Religious-Secular Conflict in Israel (Second Edition).

Fiction, Film & Empiricism: Comparative Politics as Action and Adventure

Patricia J. Sohn • Sep 29 2018 • Articles

Works of art in novels, classic travelogues, and film have a strong, evocative power for students of comparative politics.

Border Crossings: Our Criminals, Their Criminals, and “Good Fences”

Patricia J. Sohn • Sep 1 2018 • Articles

Not all borders are the same. But they all share one thing in common: people will cross them illegally if they can – if only for the fun of it.

A Bit of Bedouin Perspective on World Politics Today

Patricia J. Sohn • Aug 22 2018 • Articles

The film ‘Sand Storm’ sparks greater questions regarding modernity and whether it really requires the destruction of alternative ways of life.

If There Was a Time to Support Reformists in Iran, It’s Now

Patricia J. Sohn • May 24 2018 • Articles

With Iran and Israel coming perilously close to the risk of war, now is the time to support reform in Iran.

N-of-1 Survey Finds Support for a Return to the Divine Right of Kings (A Satire)

Patricia J. Sohn • May 22 2018 • Articles

A satirical commentary on the feasibility of a return to the divine right of kings in light of a perceived decline of the rule of law.

Why Trump’s Meeting with North Korea Matters: The Asia-Middle East Connection

Patricia J. Sohn • May 18 2018 • Articles

Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un may be strategic for U.S. foreign politics in the face of strengthening relations between North Korea and Iran.

The Path to Authoritarianism: How do we get there?!

Patricia J. Sohn • Mar 8 2018 • Articles

Authoritarian regimes are assessed through their use of judiciaries to give legitimacy to autocratic rule, reinforcing the importance of the separation of powers doctrine

Why States-Rights States Can Take Responsibility for Their Own Catastrophes

Patricia J. Sohn • Feb 23 2018 • Articles

Lawlessness is not just a state of mind. It is institutional ineptitude, grandstanding, and otherwise efforts to keep the law from being properly enforced.

Whither Iran? A 21-year-old Reform Movement on the Brink of Success

Patricia J. Sohn • Jan 26 2018 • Articles

It is about time to support the democratic movement in Iran in any way that we feasibly can. In this effort, context and local knowledge matter greatly.

Bounty≠Consumerism: An International, Aesthetic Christmas

Patricia J. Sohn • Dec 24 2017 • Articles

Consumerism is all about Pride. Fighting consumerism in Christmas, ironically, can also be all about pride.

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