Author profile: Patrick Bijsmans

Dr. Patrick Bijsmans is Assistant Professor in European Studies at Maastricht University. His research interests include Euroscepticism, media coverage of EU affairs and the European public sphere, as well as issues related to teaching and learning in European Studies. Patrick teaches BA and MA courses in in European Studies, covering topics such as EU politics and academic research and writing skills. He also coordinates the teacher training trajectory of the university’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

An ‘Expert’ Perspective on Brexit… Means Brexit

Patrick Bijsmans • Mar 20 2019 • Articles
Even in a scenario where the EU and the UK agree to a deal after all, this is only the first step in setting up their future relationship. What will that relationship look like?

Brexit and the 2019 European Elections

Patrick Bijsmans • Nov 9 2018 • Articles
2019 European elections may finally get to see the polarised debate between pro-European & Eurosceptic politicians, mostly only framed as such in mediated public debate.

Brexit, ‘the Media’ and the Illusive Nature of Euroscepticism

Patrick Bijsmans • Dec 14 2016 • Articles
Stereotypes commonly occurring in the British press go at the expense of people’s opportunities to inform themselves about the EU.

‘Brexit’: Word of the Year

Patrick Bijsmans • Nov 16 2016 • Articles
While many Europeans may have been shocked by Donald Trump’s victory, Eurosceptics across Europe seem to perceive it as a boost for their own politics.

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